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Modern Parables - Living in the Kingdom of God | Homeschool Curriculum

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Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study series on Jesus’ parables. It uses short films combined with teaching by pastors and in-depth study materials to create an entirely new learning experience. This product includes 10 additional Study Books.
  • Formats: DVD
  • Lessons: 12
  • Addl Mtls: Study Book, Teacher's Guide
  • Age: 10 to Adult
  • Teacher: Various

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Modern Parables seeks to re-create the emotional immediacy that Jesus’ 1st-century audience felt when hearing the parables. It does this by using some of the best parable scholarship and exploring it through creative filmmaking. The gut-level understanding made possible by the films is intended to drive listeners into a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Designed for Family or Group use, the set includes:

  • 6 parable films and 6 application videos for 12 complete lessons. Parables included: Hidden Treasure, Samaritan, The Shrewd Manager, The Widow & Judge, The Sower, and Prodigal Sons.
  • 6 director's commentaries that can be used with material in the Leader's Guide to teach 6 additional lessons on Cinematic Theology.
  • Leader's Guide with two introductory chapters on the parables, twelve detailed teacher's notes for teaching each class, and six lessons on Cinematic Theology. 
  • 10 Study Books with twelve in-depth chapters on the Biblical content of the parables. 
  • Spanish Subtitles

The films are not just loosely based on the parables, but very accurately follow the original text. The goal of the films is to re-create the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual impact of the original parables. It is high integrity to the Word of God in all its parts that makes the study so effective.

By modernizing the parables, they become more accessible to a contemporary audience. People can immediately relate to what the films are saying as well as to what the pastors are teaching. The pastoral application videos show how the parables relate to our daily lives, as well as how we each fit into the broader scope of the Kingdom of God.

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Related Lessons

Lessons 1 & 2: Hidden Treasure

A light comedy about an unsuccessful real estate agent who finds oil in a field and must convince his wife they should sell all they own to buy it. Application video taught by Dr. Daniel. Based on the film style of Frank Capra.

Lessons 3 & 4: Samaritan

A drama about a teenage boy who watches his father and youth leader pass by a hurt man, only to see the man helped by someone he didn’t expect to help him. Application video taught by Jeff Schulte. Based on the film style of Ingmar Bergman.

Lessons 5 & 6: The Shrewd Manager

An ironic comedy about a dishonest farm manager who is fired and so must think quickly to figure out a way into his next job. Application video taught by Dr. Gene Mims. Based on the film style of Woody Allen.

Lessons 7 & 8: The Widow & Judge

A moving drama about a poor widow who struggles against a corrupt judge in her pursuit of justice. Application video taught by Dr. George Grant. Based on the film To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lessons 9 & 10: The Sower

A documentary about an 80-year-old wheat farmer who grows his crop from planting to harvest. Application video taught by Dr. Frank Lewis.

Lessons 11 & 12: Prodigal Sons

A drama about two sons trying to manipulate their father to achieve their own selfish ends. Application video taught by Scotty Smith. Based on the film style of Orson Welles.

6 Bonus Lessons: Cinematic Theology

Each film is accompanied with a director’s commentary which explains the ideas behind the making of the film. A list of small group questions are also available for these lessons.


Hidden Treasure


Hidden Treasure - Application Video


After viewing the film, take a look at the study book that is included with each Modern Parable.

Click the button the bottom right to view the book in fullscreen.



Modern Parables was designed to be a "modular" study whose parts could be adjusted to meet a variety of teaching and ministry needs.


The two links below are PDFs that explore the background theology of the parables and Biblical application. These two chapters can also be found in the front of the Leaders's Guide in the Group Study DVD Set.


Teaching Sequences

Linked below are specific sequences you might be interested in checking out. These files are editable with Word or another word processor so that you can make adjustments within the class template to meet your particular needs.


Movie Posters

You may be inclined to promote Modern Parables at your church or online.  The link below will give you a zipped file of hi-res movie posters you can print and use however you see fit. MP1  Move Posters