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American History Children's Books - Compass Classroom Blog

American History Children's Books


Dave Raymond's American History includes lots of selections from original materials.  But we've had some parents ask for a supplemental book list.  Here's a list arranged in loose chronological order by the time period covered in the story.

In the Teacher's Guide to the American History course, there are several pages of further reading recommendations, as well. Many of those are additional history texts or source documents. We've included a few of the more "story-driven" titles and the corresponding lesson number.

American History Children's Books:

For younger readers (to keep up with their big brothers and sisters), a junior American History Book List:

If your students are looking for something more difficult or a little off the beaten path, try this Bonus American History Book List:

This is probably more than you have time for in just one year (unless you stop taking the time to do math lessons!).  We'll leave the reviews for later and  let you know of more as we find them. Enjoy the American History Book List, and let us know if there are any great titles we missed!