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Economics Films & Cartoons - Compass Classroom Blog

Economics Films & Cartoons


We are always on the hunt for resources to help homeschool moms. We know from experience how challenging and overwhelming homeschooling can be, particularly with certain subjects! The flip side, of course, is the immense reward that comes from seeing your child come alive while learning. This is what we are passionate about and what we are always seeking to further and nurture.

During the process of editing Economics for Everybody, we discovered a treasure trove of old films and cartoons on economics. From capital accumulation, to the Federal Reserve, to entrepreneurship, you can learn a lot from these clips! They are engaging and educational for the whole family, and we've just added them to the store as a downloadable resource.


Econ Films & Cartoons iPad Image

Here's an example of the clips we've compiled:

Meet King Joe (1949)
This cartoon explains why capital accumulation is so important. This is one of the blessings God has bestowed on our country: that many generations before us worked, saved, and invested in order to build a nation that produces so much. You may find the comparison to China intriguing (as well as a bit dated and prejudiced). Just remember that this cartoon is over 60 years old. China was still recovering from WWII and Mao had only taken control of the country a year before. China was basically a poor, rural country. It wasn't until the 1980's that Deng began to push it toward markets in order to achieve some of  the very things talked about in this video.