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The Greatest Film Romance - Compass Classroom - Compass Classroom Blog

How do you make the greatest film romance?


In 1927, one of the most famous German filmmakers was given a blank check to make any film he wanted in Hollywood. F.W. Murnau ended up creating a mysterious romance that may be one of the greatest films ever made - and there isn’t one word in it: Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

The story is redemptively re-affirming of the power of marriage, even though it begins darkly with the results of an adulterous affair. It clearly shows the impact of sin on a marriage, and how forgiveness and love can redeem even the most difficult of situations.

You can watch it in beautiful HD right here:

We believe that young filmmakers can learn a lot from the great silent film directors. They had less to work with so they had to focus first on images and actions - something every filmmaker should do.

Our online filmmaking class provides a unique groundwork in learning film through the eyes of the first great directors.  Check out Filmmaking from the First Directors.

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