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Devotional Biology Video Curriculum | Homeschool Curriculum

Available for a limited time at this incredible introductory offer! An amazing opportunity to learn high school biology from one of the top creation scientists in the world. Coming to DVD in June 2018!
  • Formats: Streaming/Download
  • Lessons: 15 Chapters / 71 Lectures / 15 Labs
  • Addl Mtls: 350p Textbook & 100p Lab Manual (PDFs)
  • Credit: 1 HS Science with Lab
  • Age: 15+
  • Teacher: Kurt Wise, PhD

DVDs shipping in June!




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Devotional Biology: Learning to Worship the Creator of Organisms is an amazing opportunity to learn high school biology from one of the top creation scientists in the world.

Dr. Kurt Wise designed this unique class to fully integrate a Christian worldview with the biological sciences. The result is a completely new way to approach biology. He has taught this class for over a decade to high school and college students, and is now making it available for the first time in video format.* The class includes:

  • 71 in-depth video lectures* 
  • Textbook (PDF) 
  • Lab manual (PDF)**
  • 15 Lab Instructional Videos**

Click on "Samples" tab to watch a full lecture and read the accompanying material in the textbook.

One of the many interesting things about the class is how Dr. Wise starts with our understanding of who God is, then shows how God has created the living world to reflect His unique attributes in His creation. He explains a fascinating array of subjects from a creationist perspective, including the nature of life, Biblical kinds, biosystems, biodiversity, cell theory, the history of life, and much, much more. (Click on Lessons tab for full list.)

This class is good for one full credit for a high school lab science.

License: This product is for use by one family. Please contact us for a group license.

*Only available now as streaming and MP4 download; DVD will available for this product June 2018.

Bio: Dr. Wise earned his BA in geology from the University of Chicago, and his MA and PhD degrees in paleontology from Harvard University. He founded and directed the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College and taught biology there for 17 years. He then led the Center for Theology and Science at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for 3 years, before founding and directing the Center for Creation Research and teaching biology at Truett McConnell University for the last 7 years. His fieldwork has included research in early Flood rocks in the Death Valley region, late Flood rocks in Wyoming, and post-Flood caves in Tennessee.


4Reviews For Devotional Biology Video Curriculum

  1. Joyce

    I am enjoying the biology class so much. I have always liked to learn about the human body, but never enjoyed the rest of biology so much. I love this emphasis on God's involvement in our world through His miracle of creation and His sustaining of everything. His worldview is so much more interesting than the secular worldview. I am through about a third of the lectures so far, and I love thinking about how well He has organized everything, and how beautiful He originally made it all. There is even a lot of beauty still left in the world 6000 years after it was partially destroyed by sin and continues to be destroyed by sin. How wonderful heaven will be without sin! How beautiful it must be!

  2. Alice

    Finally, a biology curriculum that teaches students to look first at the aspects of the Creator of life in order to better understand the organisms He has created.
    Dr. Wise presents the lessons clearly and in in depth, with material that shows how actual science supports the Biblical creation account. Students are also encouraged to see themselves as stewards of this creation.
    The corresponding lab manual gives students hands-on experience and eyes-on witness to the wonderfully complex intentional creation our Lord has provided to us.

  3. theresa

    exactly what I've been wanting for my kids. Showing that God, who is the creator, wants to be with us. And He shows His attributes through creation/science. Nothing is unconnected to our God.

    I purchased this even though my kids are not in HS. We're watching it as a family and will enjoy this again and again...

  4. Mike

    Dr. Wise , again, explains technical information in a way that clarifies and shows the amazing design features God has put into His creation. This is exciting in that it gives evidence to combat evolution, and to strengthen our faith.

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Introduction & Preface
0.1 Contrasting Two Worldviews
0.2 Four Other Contrasts

Section 1. Biology for the Believer
1.1 God Desires to be Known
1.2 The Christian Foundation of Science
1.3 The Difficulty of Defining Science
1.4 Defining Science & Biology
1.5 Our Priestly Responsibilities
1.6 Humans Made Rulers
1.7 Our Kingly & Priestly Responsibilities
1.8 Our Image & Ministry Responsibilities

Section 2. The Living God: Biological Life
2.1 Divine through Animal Life
2.2 Are Plants Alive?
2.3 The Nature of Life
2.4 The Origin of Life
2.5 The Spectrum of Perfection of Life
2.6 Our Responsibility to Life

Section 3. God’s Glory: Biological Beauty
3.1 The Beauty of God
3.2 Biological Beauty

Section 4. God is Distinct: Biological Discontinuity
4.1 The Biblical Kind
4.2 Baraminology
4.3 The Spectrum of Discontinuity
4.4 The Origin of Discontinuity

Section 5. God is Good: Mutualism & Biological Evil
5.1 Mutualism
5.2 The Curse I
5.3 Biological Evil
5.4 Our Responsibility to Bio-Good & Bio-Evil

Section 6. God is Person: Animal Behavior & Personality
6.1 God is Person
6.2 Bio-uniqueness & Bio-activity I
6.3 Bio-activity II
6.4 Instinctive & Learned Behavior
6.5 Animal Intelligence
6.6 Animal Will
6.7 Animal Personality & Relationships
6.8 The Origin of & Responsibility to Personhood

Section 7. The Provider God: The Anthropic Principle
7.1 The Anthropic Principle & the Earth
7.2 The Anthropic Principle & the Solar System, Galaxy, and Universe
7.3 The Anthropic Principle & Atoms
7.4 The Anthropic Principle & Molecules
7.5 The Origins of the Anthropic Principle & Our Responsibility

Section 8. The Sustaining God - The Biomatrix
8.1 The Biomatrix
8.2 Biogeochemical Cycles & Priestly Responsibility
8.3 Our Kingly Responsibility to the Biomatrix

Section 9. God is One: Monomers, Biosimilarity, and Biosystems
9.1 Common Monomers
9.2 Similarities & Systems
9.3 Our Responsibility to Bio-similarity

Section 10. God is Three: Biodiversity
10.1 Climatic Variety
10.2 Land Biome Variety
10.3 Water Biome Variety
10.4 Biodiversity
10.5 Our Responsibility to Biodiversity

Section 11. God of Hierarchy: Netted Biological Hierarchy
11.1 Unified Hierarchy
11.2 Cell Theory
11.3 Universal Cell Parts
11.4 Higher Organizational Bio-Hierarchy
11.5 Nested Hierarchy of Similarity, Netted Hierarchy, & Our Responsibility to Hierarchy

Section 12. The Almighty God: Metabolism
12.1 Types of Metabolism
12.2 Photosynthesis I
12.3 Photosynthesis II, Respiration, & Our Responsibility to Metabolism

Section 13. God the Word: Animal Communication & Language of Life
13.1 Animal Communication
13.2 Myth of DNA & DNA for Storage
13.3 DNA for Copying
13.4 DNA as Language & Our Responsibility to DNA

Section 14. God’s Fullness: Reproduction, Diversification, and Biogeography
14.1 Mitosis
14.2 Meiosis & Non-Physical Reproduction
14.3 Diversification
14.4 Biogeography & Our Responsibility to Bio-abundance

Section 15: The History of Life
15.1 Biblical Chronology
15.2 The Creation Week
15.3 The Edenian & Antediluvian Worlds
15.4 The Flood
15.5 The Arphaxadian Epoch


Introduction: How This Course is Unique

Lesson 8.1 - The Biomatrix

Textbook Excerpt 


How to Teach This Class: A Note to Teachers



Does the streaming service expire?

No. We are currently using a separate streaming service, but will eventually will move it to our own site. This is a purchase in perpetuity.


What size are the downloads?

There are four for download, ranging from smaller to larger. Actual file sizes depend on your choice of quality. At the lowest end, it is a 100MB per file average; at the highest end, it is 1GB per file average.


How long are the videos?

They range in length from 12 minutes to 35 minutes. The average length is 20 minutes.


Where do the lab resources come from?

The lab resources will be filled by Cornerstone educational supply. These will be ready to ship by mid to late September. There are also videos that explain how each lab is to be done.


Are you releasing DVDs?

We are not releasing DVDs on this product until late spring 2018. For now, it can only be accessed as a streaming or download product.


Does the book come with daily lesson plans?

There will be a short teacher's guide released with the textbook that provides a scope and sequence for teaching the class in a year.


Are there tests with this material? 

Yes, there are tests that are included in the book.They consist of short answers and essays.