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Devotional Biology Lab Manual (Printed) - Creation & Science | Homeschool Curriculum

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The printed Lab Manual for Devotional Biology.
  • Formats: Printed Book
  • Lessons: 16
  • Age: 15+


Dr. Kurt Wise has written sixteen lab exercises to accompany Devotional Biology. If you purchased the video curriculum, then a PDF version of this lab manual will be sent to you. You will need to purchase the Lab Kit separately. Click on "Lessons" tab for specific lessons.
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Exercise 1: Tuning into Creation Exercise 2: The Nature of Life Exercise 3: Biological Beauty Exercise 5: Surface Area / Volume Relationships Exercise 6: Diffusion & Osmosis Exercise 8: The Microscope Exercise 9: The Cell Exercise 10: Dichotomous Keys Exercise 11: Photosynthesis and Plant Design Exercise 12: DNA Structure and Protein Translation Exercise 13: Mitosis and Meiosis Exercise 14: Mendelian Genetics Exercise 15: Human Mendelian Genetics Exercise 16: Bioethics