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Democracy in America - Compass Classroom | Homeschool Curriculum

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Historical dramatizations bring to life important sections of Alexis de Tocqueville's examination of American liberty as he observed it firsthand. For use with Dave Raymond’s History courses or as a standalone resource.

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  • Lessons: 14 Dramatizations

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Compass Classroom is delighted to present Democracy in America for use with Dave Raymond’s American History course or as a standalone resource for your homeschool.

These fourteen, 30-minute historical dramatizations bring to life important sections of Alexis de Tocqueville's examination of American liberty as he observed it firsthand. The book upon which these dramatic excerpts are based was published in 1835 and 1840.

The episodes follow Tocqueville and his companion, Gustave de Beaumont, from their landing in New York (May 1831) through their departure nine months later, and conclude with a final episode set twenty years later. 

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Democracy in America was produced by the Division of General Education of New York University in conjunction with the Fund for Adult Education. The weekly programs originally aired on NBC and CBC starting in January of 1962. They were under the direction of historian George Probst and produced by Andrew Allan in the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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Related Lessons

Episode List

  1. Where Could I Be Better Off?
  2. The Governor in the Boarding House
  3. The 4th of July in Albany, 1831
  4. The Arc of Civilization
  5. Any Woman is a Lady
  6. The Cement of Democracy
  7. The Cold Water Army
  8. The Heavenly Prison
  9. The Tyranny of the Majority
  10. Common Sense and Moonshine
  11. The Chief Instrument of Freedom
  12. The Aristocrats of Freedom
  13. The Happy Republic
  14. These Precious Premises


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These audio files were obtained in the public domain and are provided as-is. If you have questions, feel free to use the Compass Classroom Forum via compassclassroom.com.