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The Greeks Unit 3: The Histories - Compass Classroom | Homeschool Curriculum

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In this third unit of The Greeks, Wesley Callihan introduces the student to three of history’s most influential early historians.
  • Formats: DVD
  • Lessons: 12
  • Addl Mtls: Art Booklet, Student Workbook (PDF)
  • Credit: 1/2 HS
  • Age: 14+
  • Teacher: Wesley Callihan

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The Histories is the third installment in The Greeks, year one of Old Western Culture. In this unit, Wesley Callihan introduces the student to three of history’s most influential early historians.

Students will learn about Herodotus, “The Father of History”, as they read his masterpiece, The Histories, and its inquiries into the origins of the Greco-Persian Wars. They will read and learn about Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War and its forays into the earliest expressions of political philosophy. And last they will read Xenophon’s Anabasis, the famous account which reads like a novel as it chronicles the march of ten thousand Greeks soldiers on their treacherous journey home through enemy territory.

Join Wesley and experience his contagious enthusiasm for learning as he draws from decades of teaching experience by summarizing, expositing, and drawing connections from the texts.

Greeks: The Histories contains a full color “Course Guide and Art Notes” booklet, and the student workbook and answer key is available in printable PDF format accessible on the DVD-ROM portion of disc 1. It also includes a digital e-book version of all the assigned readings.

Books/authors covered in this unit:
Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon

See Resources tab for links to required books (paperbacks and free digital versions).

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Related Lessons

The Histories:

  1. Overview of Greek History 
  2. Herodotus 1: The Story of Croesus 
  3. Herodotus 2: Stories of Egypt and the other nations 
  4. Herodotus 3: The Beginning of the Persian Wars and the Battle of Marathon 
  5. Herodotus 4: The Battle of Thermopylae 
  6. Herodotus 5: The Battle of Salamis, and the End of the Persian Wars 
  7. Thucydides 1: Introduction, Thucydides' Philosophy of History, and the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War 
  8. Thucydides 2: The Early Years, Pericles, and the Great Plague 
  9. Thucydides 3: Mytiline, Exile, Revolution, and Melos 
  10. Thucydides 4: The Sicilian Campaign, and the Downfall of Athens 
  11. Xenophon: The March of the Ten Thousand 
  12. The Lessons of Greek History

Select a Video from Greeks 3: The Histories:

After viewing the Lecture, take a look at the included student workbook, below. 

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“Old Western Culture” is a literature curriculum named after a term coined by C.S. Lewis to describe the fabric of ideas that shaped Western Civilization. For centuries, a “Great Books” education lay at the heart of what it meant to be educated. It was the education of the Church Fathers, of the Medieval Church, of the Reformers, and of all the Founding Fathers of the Unites States. It is a CLASSICAL EDUCATION, based on the great books of western civilization. It is a CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, which sees the history and literature of the West through the eyes of the Bible and historic Christianity. It is an INTEGRATED HUMANITIES CURRICULUM, bringing together literature, history, philosophy, doctrine, geography, and art. And it is a HOMESCHOOL oriented curriculum, made by homeschoolers with the needs of homeschooled in mind, including flexibility, affordability, and ease-of-use. We bring a master-teacher into your home, and encourage parents to gain an overview of Western Civilization themselves by watching the video lessons with their children.

Old Western Culture is a video course. It is built around a master teacher, Wes Callihan. With decades of teaching experience, he guides students through the story of Western civilization. Each unit of The Greeks (year 1 of Old Western Culture) contains 12 video lessons (48 in year 1, approx 30 min each).
Each lesson begins with a brief review before jumping into summary, commentary, analysis, and inter-disciplinary connections of the works covered. After each lesson, students complete the assigned readings, and answer comprehension questions in the Student Workbook.

The Greeks is divided into 4 units:
1. The Epics. Works covered: The Iliad and The Odyssey
2. Drama and Lyric. Works covered: A collection of Greek plays and poetry.
3. The Histories. Works covered: Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon
4. The Philosophers. Works covered: selected readings from Plato and Aristotle.

Wes Callihan is a master story teller! With a remarkable ability to communicate a passion for history and literature, he makes profound ideas accessible, relevant, and interesting. Also known for his distinctive "rabbit trailers," forays into funny and obscure historical anecdotes, which have a way of showing up at the dinner table. (After all, rabbit trails are "hooks for the imagination and memory.") Wes Callihan is a true classical scholar, fluent in both Latin and Greek. He lectures only from the notes in the margins of his worn copies of the Great Books.


Old Western Culture: The Greeks