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Teachers | Homeschool Curriculum

Our Teachers

Compass Classroom takes great pride in the quality and experience of its many teachers.

Wes Callihan

Wesley Callihan grew up on a farm in Idaho and graduated in History from the University of Idaho in 1983. He has taught classics and the Great Books at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho; the University of Idaho; New St. Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho; and at Veritas Academy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Wes likes to read, garden, watch movies, fish and hunt, travel. He and his wife have six children. Featured in Old Western Culture: Greeks and Romans

Jim Nance

Jim received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and worked for Boeing for 5 years. He then moved to Idaho where he taught Logic, Rhetoric, Calculus, Physics, and Doctrine at Logos School for 25 years. He enjoys teaching, reading, acting, and playing games with  friends and family. He and his wife have four children. Featured in Introductory and Intermediate Logic.

Thomas Purifoy, Jr.

Thomas is a producer, director and writer who oversees the creation of all Compass Classroom products. He spent four years in the Navy driving ships and small boats, two years in France as a director of a classical school, and the past eight years developing video-based educational products. He loves learning new things and listening to classical music. He has five girls in his life: his wife, his three girls, and a yellow lab. Featured in Filmmaking from the First Directors.

Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond lives in rural Middle Tennessee with his wife and 6 children where he has taught the humanities for the past 12 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials and Foundations Christian Academy. Featured in Dave Raymond's History.

Carole Joy Seid

Carole is a veteran homeschool mother, conference speaker, and consultant. With a Master’s degree in Education, she has taught in preschool, elementary, and junior high classrooms in both public and Christian schools.  For over thirty years, Carole has instructed thousands of families at numerous home schooling conventions and national seminars, as well as consulted with individuals across the country. Featured in Homeschool Made Simple.

R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr. is rector of theology and chair of philosophy and theology at Reformation Bible College. R.C. is also a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and serves as director and teacher for Highlands Ministries. Since college, economics has been one of his primary areas of expertise.  He delights in explaining how  the glory of the gospel truth means that Jesus changes everything.  He has eight children.  Featured in Economics for Everybody.

Dwane Thomas

Dwane has been studying languages for most of his life.  He grew up in Europe surrounded by the Dutch and German languages.  For almost 20 years he has been teaching Latin in the classroom and, more recently, online. Dwane and his wife have three wonderful children (there are five in all, but only three of them are wonderful).  He and his wife homeschool their children, which means they both drink more than their fair share of wine. Featured in Visual Latin and WordUp!

Matt Whitling

Matt is the principal of Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, as well as a featured speaker at conferences around the country. He personally loves literature and poetry, and has many years imparting that same love to middle school students. He and his wife have seven children. Featured in Grammar of Poetry.