The Big Spring Sale Is Here!


The Big Spring Sale is in full swing! Now through April 15th you can save big on curriculum that lets you invite expert teachers into your home. NEW: HOMESCHOOL MADE SIMPLE WITH CAROL JOY SEID: 50% off – Ever wish you could sit under the teaching of a homeschool mom that has been where you are going? […]

A New Series for Parents: Carole Joy Seid’s Literature-Based Curriculum

Book Week Small

When we started Compass Classroom in 2010, our primary focus was teaching students. We wanted to create video curriculum that would be engaging, interesting, and even fun. Could kids laugh when they learned Latin? Could short film clips teach economics? Could American History be explained through stories? Of course, we were thinking about parents, too, from the perspective of […]

Visual Latin review from a 14 yr old who uses it!

Visual Latin: a review from a 14 year old who uses it!

This is a guest post by Brittan Hart, a 14 year old student of Visual Latin. When I was considering learning Latin, I stumbled upon a link that looked like this: What struck me hard, chilling the very blood in my veins, was the two words encircled in parentheses: (very fun). Oh no.  Before you […]

Poetry for Children: Dirty Face by Shel Silverstein

Poetry for Children: Dirty Face by Shel Silverstein

Children should be able to releate to this poem, but it is actually for all the mothers of toddlers! This can be a good poem for your children to begin thinking about how to practice empathy and think about how to imagine someone else’s perspective. Dirty Face by Shel Silverstein Where did you get such […]

Poetry for Children: Look What You Did, Christopher! by Ogden Nash

Poetry for Children: Look What You Did, Christopher!

This poem is a little more work as far as the grammar. Nash makes some funny observations connecting (and blaming) the discovery of America to many far-reaching and annoying things, like the interruption of a ringing telephone. Look What You Did, Christopher! by Ogden Nash In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Someone sailed the ocean blue. […]

Poetry for Children: Teddy Bear by A .A. Milne

Poetry for Children - Teddy Bear by A.A. Milne

This poem is one of the early appearances of the stuffed bear who would later become Winnie-the-Pooh. It is a fun example of how a poem can switch between internal monologue, narration, conversation, pretense, and reality — all just with punctuation and an observant reader.  Teddy Bear by A. A. Milne A bear, however hard […]

Poetry for Children: An Alphabet by Edward Lear

Poetry for Children: "An Alphabet" by Edward Lear

For Valentine’s Day, we want your children to fall in love with poetry! One of the most important parts of learning to love poetry is learning to love POEMS themselves. Matt Whitling has hand-picked many for the collection included in The Grammar of Poetry. If you’re looking for more (and a few more goofy options), […]

Latin Resources & Encouragement

Latin Encouragement - completion certificate

If you’re just getting back into the swing of things after break, we’re sorry to have to tell you, but things get a little harder in the second semester of Visual Latin. Around this time last year, Dwane gave us a few words about that very phenomenon. You are right, the difficulty of the course will increase […]

American History Children’s Books

This list of American History Children's Books has recommendations for various reading levels, as well as a few that are "off the beaten path."

Dave Raymond’s American History includes lots of selections from original materials.  But we’ve had some parents ask for a supplemental book list.  Here’s a list arranged in loose chronological order by the time period covered in the story. In the Teacher’s Guide to the American History course, there are several pages of further reading recommendations, as well. […]

A Quick Epiphany: Ideas for Celebrating

Last Minute Epiphany Ideas

Today, January 6th, is traditionally considered the day when the three Wise Men found Jesus in the manger and presented Him with gifts. You can also leave your decorations up, guilt-free until today. Because, you know, you’re still celebrating Christmas. To aid with your celebrations, we’ve assembled few “gifts” for you. If you’re looking for […]